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One to One Training Courses


Alison Spice 2016 - "I really enjoyed the IHM course - I spent a day with Liz and her lovely model, who also was really knowledgeable about what pressure etc I should be using.
Liz delivers the course at the right level and suggested different ways of doing a technique for a couple of steps that I found awkward which really helped.  The laminated instruction sheet is fantastic and I found it a great aid when I first started my case studies and discreetly looked at what came next!  After a few case studies my confidence grew and I didn't need it. 
I'll certainly be coming back for more training with her - in fact I'm booking onto the Onsite Chair Massage Diploma as a 1-2-1. "


Enjoyed every minute!!! Liz was very patient and took time to explain what we were learning.  Lots of practical time!!!  A very good day, looking forward to my next course! M.Gallaher


Loved the 1-1 course, it was really good to have full attention from Liz, her patience and lovely manner made me feel very relaxed and able to ask as many questions as I could think of!  A great day, thoroughly enjoyed it! J.Breare


 Much better having 1-1, relaxed more than in a group setting.  Lots of practical work, great feeling it being done as well as doing it, gave you an insight into how it should feel.  Thanks Liz!  D.Campbell


I enjoyed the course and the content was well presented and very easy to understand. Practical was enjoyable to receive and I hope Mary found it as enjoyable as I did!  I feel I have gained good skill today and hope to put them to good use soon!! R.Brown


Really enjoyed and preferred the 1-1 course.  It was really relaxed, informative and well taught.  Liz has a lovely manner that makes you feel very comfortable right away and i was not afraid to ask questions!  I would like to do more 1-1's!!!! Thanks for a brill day Liz! C.Coats


 Had a great day, most relaxed I've been in ages!  It was much better having the 1-1 course, the speed of the course was just right, matching needs very well.  Presentation of the course was really good and very easy to follow.  Looking forward to the IHM 1-1 now! K.Turbull



Indian Head Massage course


Here's what the Heart's Football Team Physio thought of the Indian Head Massage Course. 

 A very enjoyable day without being too lecturful!  On a personal level, I felt very refreshed after the day's course both giving and receiving IHM.  Liz was particularly easy to work with and made everything go very smoothly with her nice personality.  Thanks Liz!! - Dave Valentine, Hearts Football Club Physio.


This was a very good course, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Most enjoyable and relaxing! E.Drummond


Really enjoyed the course, working in pairs was ideal and the small group made it ideal!  I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Indian Head Massage! S.Richmond


Very professional!! Size of group is good.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in doing any of your courses.  I will also be booking the Thai  Foot Massage course!!!  Directions you gave and lunch provided were both great!  Thank you for a most enjoyable day! There is a lot to absorb, but the time and care you gave to providing such detailed information is fantastic. Helen Longridge, High Blantyre, Glasgow.


 Really enjoyable. Very informative. Liz was very calm and approachable. Only change I would like is for the guidance sheet to be on the projector screen (done Alison!) Thank you so much Liz for such an enjoyable day!  Alison Sousa, Portugal


Really enjoyable course and very easy to follow with guidance sheet. Liked the small group, meant lots of one to one teaching! Lots of tips too! Jenny Bailey


An excellent, professional well planned course. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone to consider Liz's IHM course! Rosie Gray, Edinburgh


I am so impressed! I really enjoyed the course - I feel I have learnt so much!! A fun, relaxed informal day & a laid back atmosphere, but where I learned  so much, the time just flew by!!  I would recommend this course to anyone - an excellent way to learn Indian head massage - 5 star!! Lindsey Chisholm, Edinburgh


Really enjoyed the day.  Very interesting to learn the reason behind the moves and the effects on the system.  Quite zonked out by the end of the day! The guidance sheet given at the end was clear and easy to follow! Barbara Main, Kirknewton


Pleasant informality, attentive coaching through moves - attention to detail.  Altogether a relaxed informative course which I would recommend to anyone from grannies to teenagers! Thank you Liz!  Julia Connelly and Andrew Burnley, Carnbee


 Great course! Very educational and relaxing course!  Tutor very patient & encouraging. Very positive, helpful attitude!  Moira Mcfadyen, Rosyth


 I liked the fact that it was a small class - made it more personal and easy to ask questions etc.  The pace of the class was very good and I liked that most of the day was spent on practical! Kerry Kelly, Edinburgh


What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday and a fantastic gift to yourself!! getting the manual before the course was very helpful and the whole day was well structured and informal.  A lovely relaxing atmosphere and beautifully taught! Thank you Liz! Carrie Broughton, Livingston


Brilliant!!! I enjoyed absolutely everything about the course.  Liz herself was very informative and we were encouraged to ask questions. The group was lovely, very friendly. Thanks Liz! Liz Kennedy, Campbeltown


Nice sized class, good venue and food. Not too much information to take in, in one day.  Very well presented, no issues with questions being asked.  Very free with your knowledge, Liz.  Many Thanks Jane Pearce, Rosyth


The course was very well organized and time was spent on each of us equally and given good advice throughout.  By practicing on each other stage by stage and being talked through helped bring it all

together.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course which will be of great use in the future! Kelly Kinninmonth,  Dunfermline


I enjoyed the fact that the class wasn't big and this enabled us to be taught on a more one to one basis.  everything we asked questions about was answered in great depth! Claire Shepherd, Dunfermline


I found the course had a very relaxing atmosphere which made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  I felt the course was well laid out and the content well explained.  The timing was well organized between each of the three sessions.  I am very pleased with the results of the sessions and found the small class very welcoming and felt at ease.  lecturer was excellent!!! Beverly Fleetham, Kelty


 Really enjoyed the practical side. Julie Nicholls, Hamilton


 Was great fun, enjoyed everything. Can't wait till the next time! Claire Pratt, Rosyth


Most enjoyable, learn much quicker doing hands on!


Very well structured and organized course.  Very useful to have manual beforehand.  Instructions clear and easy to follow. Felt had learnt a lot by the end of the day. Enjoyed giving as well as receiving.  lots of opportunity to practice - much more effective learning tool than verbal instructions! Carolyn McPhaden, GP, Glasgow


Practical work broken down into smaller steps so that it is manageable and memorable.  Relaxed and friendly! Have booked for Thai Foot Massage Course!!   Thai Foot Massage was a very enjoyable as was the Indian Head course, a lot to take in but well taught! guidance sheets are brill!  -Natasha Price, Edinburgh


I found the course relaxing and did not feel under pressure.  Liz was very encouraging and supportive.  I also feel that a very good manual is a big help and it also helped sending it out before the course. Heather Wilson, Inverkeithing


All was good, course rushed by, day went fast. Really enjoyed it!  All very easy to understand.  Class numbers were good, not too many people, and good 1 -1 when needed.  Would recommend this course and other courses Gillian Goodwin, Cowdenbeath


 I really enjoyed this course - the day passed really quickly but i never felt rushed during the practical work, which is unusual in practical courses.  I also liked that both groups were allowed equal time and supervision - often the 2nd group gets rushed through as the 1st group has taken too long!  The theory content was just right.  I felt comfortable within the group to ask questions.  Thanks Liz! Ann Mulhern, Edinburgh


 The course was very informative, friendly, very relaxed.  I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues and look forward to more courses with Liz Jackie Lightly, Rosyth


 I thought the size of class was just right, allowing you to give us all some personal attention.  I enjoyed the hands on part of the day which is a better way of learning and I think the course workbook is excellent.  I would recommend this course to others and look forward to coming back for other courses!  Ann Walker, Kelty


 Good to have sample to look over. Suggest a small towel be brought re boundaries.  Lunch with Liz was really interesting, felt a good relationship developed. Checklist was very useful.  Good value course!! Sara Love, Edinburgh


Warm & Friendly environment, course work well thought out.  I felt really relaxed and enjoyed the whole day, asked lots of questions and felt confident enough to go and try all that I had learned.  Truly Great Liz! Irene Paterson, Glenrothes


Thai Foot Massage course


Very enjoyable and interesting. Course content was more than I expected which was good!  Liz is a very relaxing teacher, obviously passionate in what she does.  Loved the small group, lots of one to one tuition where needed! Thanks for a great day!! D.James


 I found the course excellent, the content was more than I expected.  Liz made the event very informal, presentation was excellent and we had quality time to practice the procedures over and over until we were satisfied and confident with the manoeuvres. Overall I was very impressed and have booked other courses with Liz @ Delicate Touch!!! E.Reid


Very informative course. Tutor very experienced in her field, also having the ability to relax the whole class almost immediately resulting in full class participation & enjoyment.  Highly recommend the course! Kath Cuthell, Edinburgh


This is the 2nd course I have done with Liz and again I have thoroughly enjoyed it!! Very impressed with the quality and the course ran to time.  Liz is very professional, warm, kind and puts you at ease if your feeling nervous!! Very therapeutic!! - Dawn Laing, Dunfermline


Enjoyed every aspect of the course! Well presented and the timing was excellent. Very informative and I learned a lot today!! Ursuala Eyles


Yet another fantastic course from Liz.  Would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in Thai Foot Massage.  The course was at a very smooth pace and you are given confidence every step of the way.  Thanks again Liz for a brill day! - Helen Longridge, Glasgow


Absolutely first class course!!!!  Clear and concise instruction and in a completely friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  Any concerns were quickly answered by Liz and I would be happy to recommend her courses to anyone! - Barry Crockett, Dundee


Enjoyed practical aspect of the course - easy to follow notes in manual. Felt relaxed throughout the day. Best course I have ever been on!  - Ann Brown, Dundee

*Note from Liz - Barry and Ann were both novices with no background in complementary therapies and both sailed through the course!  A big well done to both of them!!


I really enjoyed my Thai Foot course.  It was good to actually see the benefits on the day as my friend that I was working on had very swollen ankles, feet and legs and by the end of the day I could see the improvement!! She commented that for the first time in months she could actually feel her foot when she walked on it and to see it not so swollen was brilliant!! Claire McCrae, Falkirk


 I enjoyed the whole day and found it went by very quickly!  We were very quickly put at ease by Liz's friendly manner. All questions were welcomed and answered.  The presentation was very good and I would definitely recommend this course to others!! Thank Liz for a great day! - Lesley Brown, Falkirk


Very enjoyable course. Liz has a lovely, caring personality and makes the whole day relaxing, with her approachable manner & teaching approach! I found the Thai foot massage very beneficial and a joy to learn!! Fiona Lowrey, Argyll


Course was very well structured, to the point and all related to to the subject. Very well presented in a very relaxed atmosphere.  A great day! - Linda Bernard, Edinburgh


I was very impressed by the content of the course and manual and would certainly recommend this course to others! Thanks Liz! - Margaret Gray,


Really enjoyed the course, Liz was a great tutor!!! She was very encouraging, giving ongoing support.  Manual was very easy to read and understand, As I am a sufferer of Dyslexia, Liz took the time to explain each move! The hands on approach was excellent. Venue was good, lunch was good. Overall a great course. Would recommend Liz to anyone interested in training for Thai hand & Foot Massage. Thank you Liz!!! - Marie Stanners, Glasgow (Course held in Glasgow)


Good to have course manual in advance of course date.  Style of presentation assisted myself and others to relax and gel together, creating a good learning situation. Allowed time for questions and encouraged feedback. Corrections to stances/hands on' made in a very positive and supporting manner.  Lots of information put over in a short time yet I never felt overwhelmed by the pace.  Enjoyable practitioners course in Thai Foot Massage and would recommend to both lay person and professionals.  Liz was very willing to listen and suggest outcomes to problems experienced by self as a new practitioner of Thai Foot Massage.  THANK YOU LIZ! - Alex Strath, Glasgow (Course held in Glasgow)


I thought the course was brilliant, I loved giving the full massage at the end of the course. Putting everything that I learned all together gave me such a buzz.  Downside was being practised on a lot as it made you feel very tired and not want to do anything! Rita Mullan, Glasgow (Course held in Glasgow)


 Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Comfortable and informal surrounding ensured a relaxed and happy experience! Some of the trickier moves were soon (just about) mastered by the end of the day! I would recommend course to anyone to do - sooner rather than later - and I can't wait to put it into practice!! Tracey Gray, Morpeth


As always, still continue to be amazed at the power of massage, although I've been practicing for many years! Love the relaxed atmosphere in Liz's classes and the small numbers mean first class tuition and supervision! - Fiona Laing, Dunblane


 An excellent course, provided in an excellent venue.  Liz made sure the course and content went at a pace that everyone could manage!! Good, clear instructions and guidance.  Thai foot massage is a first class relaxing therapy that like 'Heineken' can reach points that other therapies don't, can't or wont!!! - Richard and Isabel Hogg, East Wemyss


 Liz really put you at ease and is very clear with her instructions.  The course was very well presented and the encouragement and wealth of information Liz gave was excellent!!!  I really enjoyed the course from beginning to end!! Thank you very much Liz!!! Liz Kennedy, Campbeltown, Argyll


 Enjoyed it all!!!! Jacqueline Hottinger


 I thought the course was excellent.  The day was full of practical as well as theory and Ithought one day wouldn't be enough to learn the routines but that wasn't the case.  Liz is an excellent tutor and the days course was very personal with small amounts in the class Lynn McCallum,


A very enjoyable and well presented course, Liz took the time to reassure which was most helpful when learning a new therapy.  I leave the course confident that with practice I will be able to offer this therapy both to friends and family and then to clients.  Kay Murray, Dumbarton


Fantastic working on each other as can feel how the strokes feel.  Also small class is great as it gives good communication and more specific.  Thanks had a great time! Hayley Davies


Liked the fact that classes were small, 100% attention was given from Liz.  Overall courses were excellent!! IHM Course & TFM Course - Nancy Scollin, Lundin Links


Practical work broken down into smaller steps so that it is manageable and memorable.  Relaxed and friendly! Have booked for Thai Foot Massage Course!!   Thai Foot Massage was a very enjoyable as was the Indian Head course, a lot to take in but well taught! Cheat sheets are brill!  Natasha Price, Edinburgh


I enjoyed the course very much, it was taught in a friendly manner, relaxed yet informative.  K. Allison, Falkirk


Course was excellent, I liked the leg stretches best but the whole massage was brilliant!  - Lesley MacGregor, Kinghorn


Hot Stone Massage


 Had a fantastic day, the course was brilliant made all the more special with the care taken by Kath & Elaine on the day. A very worthwhile course, highly recommended!! Wonderful one to one training!  Christine & Sarah from Fife


 A brilliant day!  What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!  Totally relaxing, just melted away! Highly recommend this course, it will blow you away! Dawn Laing, Fife


 One of the most relaxing days I've spent in along time.  Thought it would be hard to find one as relaxing as the thai foot course but I did! I highly recommend others to try it! Jackie from Fife




 Was very unsure and nervous on the day as this was very new to me but i was very quickly put at ease.  Was encouraged to ask questions, give feedback and reassured at every step. The experiences were wonderful and the day passed by so quickly yet so peacefully!  Wow! is all I can say! Jane, Fife

Further update from Jane - Thanks for the guidance and encouragement during & after the course, and to say how wonderful the past 21 days of reiki have been, I feel absolutely wonderful! Thanks a million!!!


 Another great course with Liz! What a wonderful day, full of experiences and surprises!  Was unsure & nervous but as usual Liz made us all feel secure and very relaxed!   Dawn, Fife

Further update from Dawn - What wonderful experiences since my attunement! Thanks Liz for your patience and time, for being there to help and reassure me!


Wow! What a great day, felt so peaceful, warm and contented! Yet again another amazing course!! Really enjoyed the small class as it gave a one to one feeling with yourself.  The course content was very well presented and broken up well throughout the day.  All that is left for me to say is 'Well Done' and please keep up the good work!  I look forward to meeting you again on my next adventure! Thank you too for being there with support afterwards, it meant a great deal to me.  Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in beginning their journey into reiki! Beverley, Fife


The course was very good with plain speaking that made it easy to follow.  The material provided for the course was very well presented and again easy to follow.  Liz was very helpful and answered any questions asked.  Really enjoyed the day! P.Marshall


Enjoyed the day and gained much more than I thought possible from the whole experience. Excellent!!!!! C.Morton



 Crystal Workshop


I found the workshop very enjoyable and informative! I thought that it gave a taste of what this vast subject of crystals was all about.  Peggy was amazing. A very interesting lady!  E.Wilson


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!  I have a few crystals and wanted to learn more about how to use them and this workshop has done that for me.  I've done a few crystal healings since and they seem to have gone down very well.  I think the workshop was very good and is excellent if you just want to learn a bit more about what crystals can do for you. Gillian


The class size was perfect, which meant we could ask questions and discuss easier.  The class has made me want to other crystal workshops and has also made me want to learn more about reiki!  Be in touch soon for that! L.Mills


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