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DT Therapy School

Please find below the terms and conditions that apply when booking a course at DT Therapy School:


  • Confirmation of Booking - Once confirmed, whether by email, over the phone or by letter, you are entering into a contract with DT Therapy School.
  • As part of the acceptance of our terms & conditions, you are agreeing that once you have completed your course/s you do not offer the treatment/s within a 3mile radius of DT Therapy School or DT Therapies
  • Required Reading of Confirmation Emails & Pre Course Workbooks - As part of your enrolment on the course, you are agreeing to read the information that is emailed to you,  including requirements for the day, what to wear, contra indications,  terms & conditions, directions etc. 
  • Diploma acceptance by InsurersIt is your responsibility to check and ensure that your current insurer will accept the accredited diploma from DT Courses
  • Bookings Non ITAA deposit of £65 is required to book your space on a courseAll deposits are non-refundable.
  • Balances - All outstanding balances, must be paid 2 weeks before your course date. Deposits & Balances can be paid by credit/debit card, cheque or cash. DT Therapy School reserves the right to re-allocate the course place to another student if fees are not paid in time.
  • Bookings via ITA  - All courses can be funded using ITA. The required deposit is included within ITA funds but please note -  if you cancel –   or do not attend on course day, you will be liable for the required deposit of £65 plus an admin fee of £45 as this cannot be claimed through ITA funding.  Once booked, your confirmation email and precourse works will be emailed and your ITA funds will then be claimed.  Cancellations must be received in writing or via email through our contact us form on our website and must contain the full booking details including name, address and booking details. Cancellations will be accepted up to 14 days prior to your course, if cancelled within 14days of your course you will be liable for the full cost of your course plus admin fees..  All cancellations incur a £45 admin fee per course . Your cancellation will be confirmed in writing along with an invoice for any fees/balances due. Course cancelled by DT -  an alternative date will be supplied or full refund given
  • Changing your course date – You are limited to 1 date change, it cannot be a change of course and must be made at least 14 days prior to your course date via email or in writing. An admin fee of £45 will be charged for any date changes.
  • Non Attendance/No Show – An admin fee of £45 will be charged along with any outstanding balance
  • Late Arrival - If you arrive more than 30mns after the course has started you will be refused entry.  Please always advise DT if you are running late 
  • Copyright - Strict copyright of all course materials, handouts, manuals, etc is in place and any infringements will be pursued. The courses are intended for therapists, they are not teaching courses therefore do not teach anyone else any or all of the moves learnt on the day as you & they will not be covered by your/their insurance against any claims.
  • Exam & Case Studies -  All Courses have an exam and case studies to be completed after the course, failure to complete them may invalidate your insurance. DT reserves the right to request the return of all manuals, documents, certificates etc that have been given or sent if you do fail to attend or complete the course in full – where full includes all case studies and exam

  • Waxing Course – 2 students minimum required for the course to go ahead as students wax each other, if insufficient students booked, the course will be rescheduled.  Each student/model if used must have at least 4 weeks hair growth in all areas to be waxed to enable waxing to take place – so please do not shave, wax etc before attending the course. Please do not wear deodorant on day 2.

  • Courses requiring a body massage certificate -   Handsfree Massage, Thai Reflexology, Thai Herbal Compress and Hot Stone Massage. GTI Aromatherapy – distant learning course also requires a body massage certificate.  A copy of your massage certificate is required
  • Support after the course – Support will be given where students have been practicing since leaving the course. Those who do not practice when leaving the course will not be given the same level of support


  • Tutors/Teachers/Lecturers - This course is not a teaching course and the course material supplied is for student use only, Strict copyright is in place and no course material can be used to train anyone else



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